everything is nothing

What does that mean? I struggle with themes to blog about and this is what I came up with? I googled the quote’s meaning and got everything from TaoismSolipsism to Nihilism, or a band by that  name (or maybe it was a song?).

Somehow I feel like i should be dressed all in black (not unusual for me) while sipping an almond milk latte in a hipster bar. Maybe a beret? Definitely wearing my favorite red lipstick.

time to ponder

 Everything is relative. What is considered tragedy in my life might be laughable to someone else. Also, what brings me joy (painting, dancing, mermaiding, singing) are someone else’s nightmare.

It’s my story. In the end, I am responsible and accountable for my version of everything. I can be empathetic towards others, yet I truly can’t feel their pain as they do.

nobody knows my nothing

If everything is nothing, what am i doing wasting time dwelling on the matter? It is ok to carve out my piece of happiness wherever and whenever i can. Becoming easily overwhelmed, I relinquish everything and wallow in nothing.

A good friend suggested I use the impetus of nothingness towards my painting. Welcome to my blue period. I am caught up in an exercise of utilizing only black, white, and one color (usually red, purple or blue) for accent.

By sharing my nothing through art, I let go. I begin to embrace everything through serene, somber, thoughtful subjects. I’m totally digging the blue period.

embrace nothing

It is ok to mourn. It is ok to be quiet and ponder the universe. It is also ok to break out in random song when the mood takes you. These are all part of the everything that is nothing. What is your everything? Do you find solace in art, coffee, friends, aloneness? Please share your thoughts.

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