getting to know me

Who am I? How well do I know myself? These are questions I rarely consider but probably should. Hmm…

hanging with friends

The other day, I was out and about visiting friends. One of these people is (fairly) newly single. He recently decided to take a year off from dating. He was married for many years and really doesn’t know what it is to be alone. Scary thought.

My other friend said we tend to get relationships backwards. How so? After growing up in a family setting, people tend to be in a rush to get in a relationship and start the cycle anew.

The problem is that we are more focused on the developing relationship than on ourselves as individuals. Eventually realizing that a relationship cannot flourish without each partner having a sense and love of self, the relationship dissolves.

deep thoughts

Crap! I haven’t been able to get this profound vision out of my head for the past 2 days now. It reminds me when Dorothy realizes she can go home from Oz anytime she chooses. Was the journey still valuable or a colossal waste of time?

Maybe the yellow brick road is more meaningful if you are OK with yourself. Rather than questioning every move and running from the threat of flying monkeys I would be more surefooted. Did I just say I? 

spiritual journey revisited

Was my own spiritual journey just a rouse to learn and accept who i am? If I am OK in the present, I am not alone. I am enough. I am in control of my version of the present.

It’s when I stress about possible futures that I lose my sense of self. When taking the time to understand the present and accept it, anxiety, fear, worry, disconcertment and any other uncomfortable emotions disappear.They are no longer part of the equation.

what about the art?

I have been told that all artists are broken or tortured. Painting is my way (spiritual stuff happening here) to translate emotion into something tangible. When I am broken, my art signifies the pain.

As a story-teller, art is another platform in which to tell a tale. People ask if my paintings are all self-portraits. I never really thought about it, but upon reflection, pieces of me are always to be found.

get to know you

How comfortable are you in your own skin? Do you know yourself or do you hide (raised hand here) in the shadows of depression or anxiety? Share your thoughts and stories.

2 thoughts on “getting to know me

  1. Mechelle Merrill says:

    I can’t comment on your spiritual journey Mim, but your work is certainly evolving and becoming more beautiful all the time. It makes me truly happy to see you bloom as you have. Brava!

    Liked by 1 person

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