a little self love #risinginlove day 1

“The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.”
C.G. Jung

show me some self love and kisses.

What is self love? Is it a synonym for self-absorbed? Is it a euphemism for masturbation? Maybe it’s a pat on the back, tip of the hat, or a secret knowing smile.

love me tender

I am one of those self-proclaimed “I am not enough’ers” who tends to second guess myself on a regular basis. Although I never considered myself to be super needy; in reality, i have been needy much 0f my life.

Wanting to be liked, i worried about what others thought. Was i smart enough, nice enough, pretty enough, worthy? With all this crap floating in my head, how could I love myself for who i was/am?

Putting my self-worth in the hands of others, i was doomed to believe the lie that i am not enough. It is impossible to be enough, if I wasn’t enough for myself.

selfie love

No matter what, i keep revisiting the whole spiritual journey thing. It is all about the moment. Right now, at this very second, i am OK. I am confident and comfortable in my skin.

More importantly, i like who I am. Being a mermaid, burlesque cupcake, artiste, zebra princess and lobster queen is a tall order for anyone. Thank goodness I am tall!

some selfie love

The moment after the next is irrelevant to how I feel right now. I love the woman i am. In order to remain in love with me, i need to take care of myself and realize that i create my own happiness.

go girl!

How do I take care of myself? How do I show self love? I am an extroverted story teller. I have few secrets, and pieces of me are easily found in my artwork. Expressionism gives me the perfect venue to share my view of the world.

Realizing and owning my emotions is what i consider self love. Whether is am sad and crying or joyfully giggling, I accept the emotion for what it is. There is no wrong answer.

tag! your’e it.

How would you describe self love? Do you practice it regularly or at all? Please share your thoughts and stories.



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